James Keats Tudor Risk

John Erskine Field Risk
Emily Tudor
Lawhitton, St Michael
  1. Nave north 2, , two lights,
    a. The Archangel Michael b. The Archangel Gabriel
    with arms above.
  2. South Chapel east, , three lights,
    2a. Faith 2b. Charity 2c. Hope
    1a. ETR initials of dedicatee 1b. Badge of the Royal Marine Light Infantry 1c. RMLI initials of the Royal Marine Light Infantry
  1. GRO reports birth registered in East Stonehouse in D quarter 1849, mother’s maiden name Tudor.
  2. Census FreeCEN reports household at 44 Emma Place, East Stonehouse, Devon as
    1. Emily Risk, 38 (head of household, wife of Lt JE Risk, RN)
    2. Eliza Tudor, 41 (unmarried sister of Emily Risk)
    3. Eustice Tudor Risk, 3 (son). Eustice is probably misspelling of Erskine
    4. John Keats Risk, 1, (son)