Laura Martyn

John Martyn
Elizabeth Fleming
  1. William Curgenven,
    1. William Curgenven, b
    2. John Francis Curgenven, b
    3. Laura Curgenven, b
    4. Elizabeth Curgenven, b
  1. Baptism, Cornwall OPC Baptisms.
  2. Marriage of the Revd William Curgenven and Laura Martyn, Cornwall OPC Marriages. Witness John Martyn is probably Laura Martyn’s half-brother John, as her father (also John Martyn) had died earlier in the year.
  3. Burial, Cornwall OPC Burials.
  4. Death, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3.
  5. Smith, G. Henry Martyn, saint and scholar. p 8. , London, The Religious Tract Society. States that Laura Martyn married Mr. Curgenven, nephew of the Vicar of Lamorran of that name. The records of her marriage and the baptisms of her children are consistent with her marrying the Revd William Curgenven who, at the time, was curate at St Michael Penkevil and became, in , the rector of Lamorran. A report of the death of the Revd Curgenven (Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3) states that he was the brother-in-law of Henry Martyn.