Jane Mayne

  1. Charles Richards,
    1. Jane Mayne Richards, b c 
    2. Anne Elizabeth Richards, b c 
    3. Eliza Ellen Richards, b c 
Carbis Bay, St Anta and All Saints
  1. Chancel east, , five lights,
    5c. Scutum Fidei (Paradox of the Trinity) in Cornish.
    4. Passage from Te Deum in Cornish
    3a. Nails 3b. Scourge 3c. The five wounds of Christ 3d. Lance, Sponge 3e. 30 pieces of silver
    2a. St Barnabas 2b. St Francis of Assisi 2c. Virgin Mary and infant Jesus 2d. St Euny 2e. St Anta
    1a. Chough 1e. Chough
  1. Marriage of Charles Richards of Ven Wyn, Lelant, and Jane Mayne of Constantine, Cornwall OPC Marriages, West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 8.