Mary Christian Law

aged 53
  1. Frederic Martin Williams,
    1. Caroline Sydney Williams, b
    2. William Robert Williams, b
    3. Mary Christian Williams, b
    4. Frederick Law Williams, b
    5. Beatrice Julia Williams, b
    6. Edward Harvey Williams, b
    7. Leonard Alfred Williams, b
    8. Amy Gertrude Williams, b , d
    9. Claude Albert Williams, b , d
    10. Ernest Martyn Williams, b
    11. Victor George Williams, b
    12. Harold Douglas Williams, b , d
    13. Maude Caroline Salome Williams, b , d
    14. Bertram Leopold Williams, b
  1. Marriage at Braunton of Frederick Martin Williams and Mary Christian Law, daughter of the Revd Robert Vanbrugh Law, Rector of Christian Malford, Wilts, and Sydney Dorothea Davidson, granddaughter of Dr George Henry Law, former bishop of Bath and Wells. Cornish Telegraph p 2, Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette p 3, Wells Journal p 8.
  2. Death, Cornishman p 5, Clifton Society p 9 (lists children and parents).