Harriet Olympia Morshead Lawrence

Northmore Herle Pierce Lawrence
Maria Hosken Andrew
  1. John Northmore,
  1. Baptism, Cornwall OPC Baptisms.
  2. Marriage of John Northmore of Cleve House, near Exeter, and Colombo, Ceylon, and Harriet Olympia Morshead Lawrence, youngest daughter of Northmore Herle Pierce Lawrence of Launceston, Western Times p 5, Exeter and Plymouth Gazette p 5, West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 5, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4, Homeward Mail from India, China and the East p 27
  3. Pedigree of Lawrence of Launceston, Vivian, JL (ed). The Visitations of Cornwall. p 592. , Exeter, William Pollard & Co. Implies that her husband, John Northmore, was the son of Northmore and Maria Lawrence, not her..