Mary Anne Harriet Wise

aged 82
Richard Wise
Mary Anne Lindeman
Ladock, St Ladoca
  1. South aisle east, , three lights,
    a. The Archangel Raphael (WM 53)
    b. St Luke (FMB original)
    c. St Peter (WM 173a)
  2. South aisle west, , three lights,
    a. Moses (BJ 70)
    b. St John the Baptist (BJ 190)
    c. Isaiah (BJ 266)
Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary
  1. n6. North quire aisle north 4, , single light,
    2 upper. St Pantaenus the Philosopher
    2 lower. St Irenaeus of Smyrna, St Justin the Martyr
    1. Pantaenus preaching to the Indians
  2. n5. North quire aisle north 3, , single light,
    2 upper. St Clement of Rome
    2 lower. St Ignatius of Antioch, St Polycarp
    1. Peter and Paul teaching Clement as a young man
Ladock, St Ladoca
  1. South aisle 5, , three lights, Presentation in the Temple
  1. Baptism, Cornwall OPC Baptisms. Second forename given as Anna.
  2. Burial, Cornwall OPC Burials. Last forename given as Harris. Burial date given as , two weeks before death date! Address given as Ladock Rectory, which confirms that it refers to correct person.
  3. Funeral on, , Western Morning News p 4 (funeral), Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5 (funeral), Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5 (notice), Cornish Telegraph p 4 (notice), Cornubian and Redruth Times p 5 (notice).