Charles Reginald Gerveys Grylls

aged 66
Glynn Grylls
Emily Roberts
  1. Ethel Chilcott,
    1. Glynn Grylls, b c 
    2. Ethel Dorothy Grylls, b c 
    3. Phyllis Grylls, b c 
    4. Gerveys Grylls, b c 
    5. Humphrey Grylls, b c 
  2. Agnes Evelyn Innocent Townend,
Arms of Grylls of Helston
Arms of Grylls of Helston
Or, three bendlets enhanced gules
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Pedigree of Grylls of Helston
  1. Baptism, Cornwall OPC Baptisms.
  2. Marriage at Kenwyn of Charles Reginald Gerveys Grylls of Launceston, solicitor (Cowlard and Grylls), only son of Mrs Grylls of Penlee, Truro, and Ethel Chilcott, fifth daughter of JG Chilcott, solicitor, of Gwendroc, Truro, Cornwall OPC Marriages, Cornish Telegraph p 6. Cornishman p 7 (notice in BMD), Cornishman p 7 (short article). The Revd J Sidney Tyacke named as cousin of bridegroom, the Revd Canon Fox Harvey named as brother-in-law of the bride.
  3. Marriage at the parish church, Beaulieu, Hampshire, of CR Gerveys Grylls of Launceston, Cornwall, and Agnes Eveline Townend, daughter of the late Canon and Mrs Townend of Highcliffe, Western Morning News p 1, Cornishman p 4.
  4. Death, Western Morning News p 6, Cornishman p 3 (burial, lists children present) Second wife was daughter of the Revd Canon Townend, former rector of Lezant.
  5. Burial at Helston, residence Lancaster White Hart Hotel, Cornwall OPC Burials.