John Jennings

  1. Sarah Ann Perry,
    1. Annie Elizabeth Jennings, b
    2. Harry John Jennings, b
    3. Arthur Percy Jennings, b
    4. Nellie Marion Jennings, b
    5. Olive Maggie Jennings, b
  2. Edith Mabel Tigwell,
Pedigree of Jennings
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  2. Census records John Jennings, 64, stained glass maker, living at 96 Clapham Road, London, with wife Sarah Ann Jennings, 64, daughter Nellie M. Jennings, 31, daughter Olive M. Jennings, 21 grandson Percy J. White, 18, and servant Mabel Tigwell, 32. FindmyPast.
  3. Census records John Jennings, 74, widower, living at 96 Clapham Road, London, with daughter Nellie Marion Jenkins, 41, and servant Edith Mabel Tigwell, 43. FindmyPast.
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