Arthur Lanham

aged 29
James Kempthorne Lanham
Lucy Stephens
  1. Ellen Ruth Brawn,
Pedigree of Lanham
Halsetown, St John’s-in-the-Fields
  1. North aisle west, , two lights, Christ saves Peter from drowning
  1. Birth of son (no date given) at Barnoon Terrace, St Ives, to James Kempthorne Lanham, wine and spirit merchant, and his wife, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5. Birth of Arthur Lanham (mother’s maiden name Stephens), registered in Oct–Dec , Penzance district, vol 5c, p 267. GRO, FreeBMD.
  2. Baptism (as adult) at Halsetown, residence High Street, St Ives, Cornwall OPC Baptisms. Gives date of birth.
  3. Marriage at St Ives Parish Church of Arthur Lanham, merchant, son of JK Lanham of Street-an-Pol, St Ives, and Ellen Ruth Brawn, daughter of James Brawn of St John, Hampstead, London, Cornwall OPC Marriages, St Ives Weekly p 6, Cornishman p 6 (short report; states bride was from Bromley, Kent), Cornishman p 7 (notice), West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 5.
  4. England and Wales Census, , Penzance district, St Ives sub-district, folio 141, p 12. Household of James Lanham, widower, 52, living at Street-an-Pol, St Ives, Cornwall, occupation shopkeeper, includes Arthur Lanham, 25, and Ellen Lanham, 24, Arthur’s wife. FamilySearch.
  5. Burial at Halsetown, residence Camberwell House Lunatic Asylum, Cornwall OPC Burials.
  6. Death, Cornishman p 5, Cornishman p 5, Cornishman p 5. Death of Arthur Lanham, aged 29, registered in Oct–Dec , Camberwell district, vol 1d, p 500. GRO, FreeBMD.