Jane Lanyon

  1. John Hichens,
    1. John Hichens, b c 
    2. Richard Hichens, b c 
    3. Thomas Hichens, b c , d c 
    4. William Hichens, b c , d
    5. Edward Hichens, b c 
    6. Mary “Polly” Hichens, b c , d c 
    7. James Hichens, b c 
  1. Marriage at St Ives of John Hichens 3tius and Mrs Jane Lanyon, England, Cornwall Parish Registers, , Cornwall, St Ives, Baptisms, marriages, burials , p 78, Cornwall OPC Marriages. 3tius (tertius) probably refers to the fact that both his father and grandfather were also called John Hichens.
  2. Burial at St Ives of Jane Hichens, wife of John Hichens. Cornwall OPC Burials. Year given as , but see COPC Years & Dates.