Edward George Waudby Griffin

aged 37
Richard Edward Griffin
Catherine Charlotte Blyth Harry
Pedigree of Griffin
  1. Birth at Halsetown Vicarage, son of the Revd RE Griffin, St Ives Weekly p 5, Cornish Telegraph p 5.
  2. Baptism at Halsetown, residence Halsetown Vicarage, Cornwall OPC Baptisms. Gives date of birth.
  3. Death at City Isolation Hospital (probably Cardiff), residence 26 Richards Terrace, Cardiff, Western Mail p 5. Lists various family members.
  4. Cremation at Cardiff, remains interred with parents at Halsetown, residence Cardiff, Cornwall OPC Burials, Western Mail p 2 (cremation; lists widow, daughters and all three sisters present), Cornishman p 3, Cornish Post and Mining News p 4.