Catherine Charlotte Blyth Harry

aged 51
  1. Richard Edward Griffin,
    1. Natalie Augusta Marcelly Ia Griffin, b
    2. Afra Hardy Griffin, b
    3. Mary Kathleen Hickes Griffin, b
    4. Edward George Waudby Griffin, b , d
Halsetown, St John’s-in-the-Fields
  1. Chancel south 2, , two lights, Christ’s commission to Peter: “Feed my sheep”
  1. Marriage at St Ives of Richard Edward Griffin, vicar of Halsetown, former curate of St Ives, and Catherine Charlotte Blyth Harry, second daughter of Capt T Row Harry, pilot commissioner, of Barnoon Terrace, St Ives, Cornwall OPC Marriages, Western Morning News p 3 (presentation of wedding gifts on Monday ), St Ives Weekly p 3 (presentation of gifts and wedding), Cornish Telegraph p 8, Cornishman p 6 (longer report; lists those present).
  2. Death, residence Glentworth, Carthew Terrace, St Ives, daughter of the late Capt T Row Harry, JP, of St Ives. Cornishman p 4, Cornish Post and Mining News p 4.
  3. Burial at St Ives, residence Carthew Terrace, Cornwall OPC Burials. Cornishman p 7 Cornubian and Redruth Times p 6 Cornish Post and Mining News p 2 (both articles report funeral, lists all three daughters present, give day of funeral as Thursday, not consistent with COPC burial date.
  4. Short history of Halsetown Church and Vicarage; includes photograph of the Revd Edward Griffin, his wife Charlotte, their daughter Ia and donkey Laura.