Ursula Lavin

aged 60
  1. Walter James,
    1. Joseph James, b
    2. Sukey Haweis James, b
    3. William Thomas James, b
    4. Mary James, b
    5. Ursula James, b
    6. Charlotte James, b
    7. George James, b
    8. Frederick James, b
    9. Henry Charles James, b , d
    10. Amelia James, b
Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary
  1. n22. North nave aisle 1, , single light,
    2 upper. St Theodore of Tarsus
    2 lower. St Aidan of Lindisfarne, St Wilfrid of York
    1. , Council of Hatfield
  1. Baptism, Cornwall OPC Baptisms (, surname given as Laven) or Cornwall OPC Baptisms (, surname given as Lauren).
  2. Marriage of Walter James and Ursula Lavin Cornwall OPC Marriages.
  3. Death, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 2.
  4. Burial, Cornwall OPC Burials.