Ann Gwavas

  1. Thomas Carlyon,
    1. Thomas Carlyon, b , d
    2. William Carlyon, b , d c 
    3. John Carlyon, b c , d c 
    4. Elizabeth Carlyon, b , d c 
    5. Ann Carlyon, b , d c 
    6. John Carlyon, b , d c 
    7. Elizabeth Carlyon, b
    8. Ann Carlyon, b , d c 
    9. Mary Carlyon, b
  1. Baptism at Madron, daughter of William Gwavas, Cornwall OPC Baptisms. One transcript gives father’s forename as William, the other as Williams.
  2. Marriage at Madron with Penzance, by licence dated , of the Revd Thomas Carlyon, Clerk and Rector of St Just in Roseland, and (Mrs) Anne Gwavas of Penzance. Cornwall OPC Marriages.
  3. Burial at St Just in Roseland, Cornwall OPC Burials. Transcript of BT describes her as Miss Ann Carlyon.
  4. J Polsue, A Complete Parochial History of the County of Cornwall, vol I p 65. William Lake, Truro, states she was the daughter of William Gwavas of Penzance. Gives place of death as Falmouth, buried St Just in Roseland.