Francis “Frank” Walters Bond

aged 74
William Henry Bond
Elizabeth “Betsy” Trestrail
  1. Catherine Read,
    1. Henry Coulson Bond, b , d
    2. Ethel Walters Bond, b
    3. Frederick Edwards Vivian Bond, b
    4. William Cotesworth Bond, b , d
    5. Frank Jones Jenkins Bond, b , d
    6. Charles Pendennis Bond, b , d
    7. Otho Cowan Bond, b , d
    8. Humphrey Davey Bond, b
    9. Walter Coulson Bond, b , d
Pedigree of Bond
  1. Birth of Francis Walters Boud (mother’s maiden name Tristrail), registered in Jul–Sep , Falmouth Union district, vol 9, p 47. GRO FreeBMD. GRO gives surname as Boud, mother’s maiden surname as Tristrail.
  2. Marriage at St Michael’s, Helston, of Francis Walters Bond, merchant, of Kent c/o Parish of Greenwich, only son of William Henry Bond, RN, of Truro, and Catherine Read, fourth daughter of the late Charles Read of Helston, mercer and draper Cornwall OPC Marriages Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5.
  3. Long obituary of father in West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 4 mentions only son, active partner in the firm of Messrs Vivian, Younger and Bond, metal brokers, London).
  4. Death at Sidmouth, Reading Standard p 3 (visiting Sidmouth with daughter, Mrs Clark), p 5, Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette p 2 (funeral at Wargrave; leaves one daughter and seven sons), Reading Observer p 2 (a son, Henry Bond, recently contested Carmarthen Boroughs; gives dates of birth and death; lists those present at funeral). Death of Frank Walters Bond, aged 74, registered in Jan–Mar , Honiton district, vol 5b, p 36. GRO, FreeBMD.