William Hill

  1. Ann Vivian,
    1. William Hill, b c 
    2. Peter Hill, b c , d
    3. John Hill, b c 
    4. Ann Hill, b c , d c 
    5. Abraham Hill, b c 
    6. Ann Hill, b c 
    7. Frances Hill, b c 
    8. Thomas Hill, b c 
    9. Oliver Hill, b c 
    10. Frances Hill, b c 
Arms of Hill of Shilstone and Carwythenack
Arms of Hill of Shilstone and Carwythenack
Argent, a chevron between three water bougets sable
  1. Vivian, JL (ed). The Visitations of Cornwall. p 229. , Exeter, William Pollard & Co. Includes a mullet or at the end of the blazon, without giving position or tincture. No mullet visible in the examples in St Neot, South aisle west.
  2. Hill of Shilstone, Devon, and Truro, Cornwall, Burke, Bernard, The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, p 490. , London, Harrison & Sons.
Water bouget from MidnightLightning.
Pedigree of Hill of Shilstone and Carwythenack
  1. Marriage (by licence, not banns) at Constantine of William Hill and Mrs Ann Vivian. England, Cornwall Parish Registers, , Cornwall, Constantine, Baptisms, marriages, burials , p 56, Cornwall OPC Marriages.