Frances Jane Hill

aged 64
Peter Hill
Jane Penneck Robinson
  1. James Trevenen,
    1. Mary Jane Trevenen, b c 
    2. Frances Mary Sandys Trevenen, b c 
    3. John Trevenen, b c , d
    4. Adelaide Trevenen, b c 
    5. James Trevenen, b c , d
    6. William Trevenen, b c 
    7. Arthur Brigline Trevenen, b c 
Pedigree of Hill of Shilstone and Carwythenack
Manaccan, St Manaccus and St Dunstan
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, Events from the beginning (1) and end (2) of Christ’s life:
    2a. Last Supper—institution of the Eucharist 2b. Crucifixion with Mary and John on either side of the cross 2c. The angel addresses the holy women at the empty tomb
    1a. Annunciation to the Virgin Mary 1b. Adoration of the Christ-child by Mary and Joseph 1c. Baptism of Christ in the river Jordan
  1. Baptism at Helston, daughter of Peter and Jane Hill, Cornwall OPC Baptisms.
  2. Marriage at Helston, conducted by the Revd John Trevenen (relative of groom?), of James Trevenen of Manackam [sic] and Frances Jane Hill of Helston, second daughter of the late Peter Hill of Carwythenack, Cornwall OPC Marriages, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3, (Peter Hill’s residence given as Cardythenick), Exeter Flying Post p 4
  3. Burial at Helston, Cornwall OPC Burials.
  4. Death at Bosahan, Helston, of Frances Jane Trevenen Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5.
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