Sarah Bennett

aged 73
  1. Robert Rich
    1. Elizabeth Rich, b c , d
  1. Death, at Leytonstone House, Essex, relict of the late Robert Rich of Dockhead Place, Bermondsey. Morning Herald (London) p 4, Sun (London) p 4, Essex and Herts Mercury p 3.
  2. Robert Rich was Captain in the Loyal Bermondsey Volunteers. Black marble tablet in St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, in memory of Robert and Sarah Rich, South London Journal p 6. Now on the north wall of the chancel. No arms on the tablet. On the tablet is written:
    This tablet records the death of
    Robert Rich Esquire,
    late of this parish;
    died on the in the 77th year of his age
    and was interred in a family vault
    in this church yard.

    It is due to the memory of this excellent person
    to engrave on this durable stone
    by his persevering industry and assiduity
    he attained to that happy independence
    which enabled him
    to stand foremost in the days of danger,
    as the protector of his Church and King
    having been honoured with the command
    of the Loyal Bermondsey Volunteers,
    and that as testimonial of his high value
    in the community he was intrusted
    with His Majesty’s commissions of the peace
    for the counties of Surry and Middlesex
    and was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant
    for the former county.
    In private life
    the deceased was piously moral and exemplary
    leaving his consort of 50 years,
    and seven children
    gratefully impressed by his undeviating
    virtuous example.

    In the same vault
    were interred the remains of his widow
    the second daughter of William Bennett Esqre
    of Faversham
    in the county of Kent
    who having survived her husband nearly three years
    died most sincerely regretted
    on the ,
    in the 74th year of her age.