Caroline Carlyon

Clement Carlyon
Eliza Carlyon
  1. Charles Foster Barham,
Pedigree of Carlyon of Tregrehan, Cornwall
Truro, St John the Evangelist
  1. North aisle 1, , three lights, Decorative tree motif (same as in background for Gallery windows)
  1. Birth at Truro, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3 (no date given).
  2. Baptism at St Mary’s, Truro, daughter of Clement and Eliza Carlyon. Cornwall OPC Baptisms. Gives date of birth.
  3. Marriage at Kenwyn by the Revd CW Carlyon, Rector of St Just, elder brother of the bride, of Dr Charles Barham, physician, son of Thomas Foster Barham, and Caroline Carlyon, second daughter of Clement Carlyon, MD, both of Truro, Cornwall OPC Marriages, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3, West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 2, Penzance Gazette p 1.
  4. Photo of the daughter Bertha and granddaughter Nora, of Caroline Barham, née Carlyon, and her husband Dr Charles Foster Barham.