John Newman Tremearne

aged 76
  1. Matilda Bazeley,
    1. John Newman Tremearne, b , d c 
    2. John Tremearne, b
    3. Francis Newman Tremearne, b , d c 
    4. Matilda Tremearne, b
    5. Elizabeth Frances Tremearne, b c 
Pedigree of Tremearne
St Ives, St Ia the Virgin
  1. South aisle 1, , three lights,
    2a. St Sennen 2b. St Ia the Virgin 2c. St Levan
    1a. Christ’s commission to Peter: “Feed my sheep” 1b. Annunciation to the Virgin Mary 1c. Miraculous draught of fishes
  1. Baptism at St Ives, son of Thomas and Frances Tremearne, Cornwall OPC Baptisms.
  2. Marriage at St Ives by the Revd FL Bazeley, rector of St Dominick (relative of bride?) of John Newman Tremearne and Matilda Bazeley, third daughter of the late William Bazeley, Cornwall OPC Marriages. Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3, Penzance Gazette p 1.
  3. John Tremearne, 66, wife Matilda Tremearne, 59, son John Tremearne, 25, daughter Matilda Tremearne, 23 daughter Francis [sic] Elizabeth Tremearne, 19, living at Draycot Terrace, Halsetown, St Ives, census, RG10/2333. Folio 16 p 1.
  4. Death at Draycot Terrace, St Ives, West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 5 (obituary), Cornishman p 5 (notice), Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5 (notice), Royal Cornwall Gazette p 6 (short obituary), Royal Cornwall Gazette p 6 (obituary).
  5. Burial at St Ives, residence Halsetown, St Ives, Cornwall OPC Burials.