John Hughes Phillpotts

aged 26
Thomas Phillpotts
Mary Emma Penelope Hughes
Arms of Phillpotts
Arms of Phillpotts
Gules, a cross argent between four swords erect of the last, pommels and hilts or.
Burke, Bernard, The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, p 800. , London, Harrison & Sons.
Sword from Yorick.
Pedigree of Phillpotts
Feock, St Feoca
  1. Chancel east, , three lights,
    2a. Martha meets Christ at the gate of Bethany 2b. Resurrection: frightened soldiers 2c. The raising of Lazarus
    1. The angel addresses the holy women at the empty tomb
  1. Birth of [unnamed male] Phillputts (mother’s maiden name Hughes), registered in Oct–Dec , Truro Union district, vol 9, p 312. GRO, FreeBMD. GRO gives no forename, surname as Phillputts. FreeBMD gives no forename.
  2. Birth at Porthgwidden, Cornwall, Gloucestershire Chronicle p 3, Exeter and Plymouth Gazette p 3.
  3. Baptism at Feock, residence Porthgwidden Cornwall OPC Baptisms.
  4. Burial at Feock, residence Porthgwidden, Cornwall OPC Burials. Gives middle name as Hughs.
  5. Death, residence Porthgwidden, only son of the Revd T Phillpotts, vicar of St Feock, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 8 (in his 27th year), Cornish Echo and Falmouth & Penryn Times p 4 (gives age at death 27), Cornish Telegraph p 3, Gloucester Journal p 5.