Windows made by Wailes, William

In Cornwall

Breage, St Breaca
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, Adoration of the Magi : Christ and the Doctors in the Temple : Suffer little children
  2. South aisle west, , four lights, Wedding at Cana : decorative roundels in patterned quarries above and below.
Devoran, St John the Evangelist and St Petroc
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, (Lancets) Medallions of Crucifixion : Resurrection : Ascension set in grisaille patterns
  2. Chancel south 1, , single light, Grisaille (as in Chancel east)
  3. Chancel south 2, , single light, Grisaille (as in Chancel east)
  4. Nave south 1, , two lights, (Lancets) Geometric patterns (as in West).
  5. Nave south 2, , two lights, (Lancets) Geometric patterns (as in West).
  6. West, , three lights, (Lancets) Medallions of Baptism of Christ : Suffer little children : Christ and Mary Magdalene set in geometric patterns
  7. Nave north 3, , two lights, (Lancets) Geometric patterns (as in West).
  8. Nave north 2, , two lights, (Lancets) Geometric patterns (as in West).
  9. Nave north 1, , two lights, (Lancets) Geometric patterns (as in West).
Gorran, St Goranus
  1. South aisle 2, , three lights, Good Samaritan helping wounded man with Pharissee and Saducee passing by
  2. South aisle 3, , three lights, Dedication of the rebuilding of the Temple (Nehemiah 13,14)
Grade, Holy Cross
  1. South aisle 1, , single light, Good Shepherd
Gwennap, St Wennapa
  1. North aisle east, , four lights, Centurion ? : David slaying Goliath : SS Michael : Paul.
  2. Chancel east, , four lights, Transfiguration : Resurrection : Ascension : Entry into Jerusalem above four scenes of the Good Samaritan.
Kenwyn, St Keyne or St Cuby
  1. South aisle west, , two lights, Commissions to Peter: Feed my lambs; feed my sheep.
  2. Tower west, , three lights, Arms :- Trist (1776) and Milles (1781) : Browne (1850), Vautier (1857) and churchwarden Edward Carlyon (1847) : curate Polwhele and Cornish (1828).
Launceston, St Mary Magdalene
  1. South Chapel east, , four lights, (Evangelists’ emblems) Matthew above Agnus Dei above Mark : Christ and Mary Magdalene : John above Pelican above Luke. Two armorials below.
Lostwithiel, St Bartholomew
  1. North aisle 1, , four lights, Removal of Christ from Cross : Deposition : Resurrection : Ascension
  2. North aisle east, , three lights, Crucifixion in centre with SS Matthew and Mark left and SS Luke and John right
  3. South Chapel east, , three lights, David and Jonathan : King David : Death of Jonathan
Par Biscovey, St Mary
  1. Chancel east 1, , single light, St Matthew emblem above Scourging above St Luke emblem
  2. Chancel east 2, , single light, Agnus Dei above Crucifixion above Pelican
  3. Chancel east 3, , single light, St Mark emblem above Bearing the Cross above St John emblem
  4. Chancel south 1, , single light, BVM and child
  5. Chancel south 2, , single light, St Anna
  6. Chancel south sedilia, , single light, (Trefoil) Christ’s commision to St Peter
  7. Chancel south 3, , single light, St Alban
  8. Chancel south 4, , single light, St Blazey
  9. Chancel north 3, , single light, St Petroc
  10. Chancel north 2, , single light, St Andrew
  11. Chancel north 1, , single light, St Stephen
Phillack, St Felicitas
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, BVM : Crucifixion : St John the Evangelist (John 19:25).
  2. South aisle 1, , three lights, Three Marys : Risen Christ : Two angels
  3. South aisle 2, , two lights, St Felicitas and her seven sons (BVM with the Holy Innocents)
Probus, St Probus and St Grace
  1. Tower west, , four lights, The four Evangelists and their symbols:
    2a. St Matthew 2b. St Mark 2c. St Luke 2d. St John the Evangelist
    1a. Angel—symbol of St Matthew 1b. Winged lion—symbol of St Mark 1c. Winged bull—symbol of St Luke 1d. Eagle—symbol of St John the Evangelist
  2. North aisle west, , three lights,
    3b. Agnus Dei
    2a. Angel—symbol of St Matthew 2b. Pelican in her piety 2c. Eagle—symbol of St John the Evangelist
    1a. Winged lion—symbol of St Mark 1b. Two interlocked triangles, a symbol of the Holy Trinity 1c. Winged bull—symbol of St Luke
  3. North aisle 3, , three lights, Events from the life of Christ at about the same age as the dedicatee.
    2a. Journey of Mary, Joseph and Christ to Jerusalem 2b. Christ found by his parents with the doctors in the temple 2c. Joseph with Jesus and Mary in his carpenter’s workshop
    1a. Angel holding banner 1b. Angel holding banner 1c. Angel holding banner
  4. North Chapel north 2, , four lights,
    3. Biblical texts on scrolls
    2a. St Matthew 2b. St Mark 2c. St Luke 2d. St John the Evangelist
    1. Arms of the dedicatee’s parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents
Ruan Lanihorne, St Rumonos
  1. South transept east, [unknown date], three lights, Peter : BVM and child : John
  2. South transept south, , three lights, Agony in Gethsemane : Good Shepherd : Jude and Simon
St Agnes, St Agnes
  1. South aisle west, , three lights, Three scenes from the life of Christ as a boy (Lowliness of his handmaiden, went up to Jerusalem, known holy scriptures)
Sheviock, Blessed Virgin Mary
  1. Chancel east, , five lights, SS Peter : BVM : Salvator Mundi : John : Paul. Lower scenes - Seizure of Christ in Gethsemane : Binding of Christ : Crucifixion : Deposition : Interment
  2. Chancel south 1, , two lights, Suffer little children above Celebration of Eucharist : Last Supper above Celebration of Baptism
  3. Chancel south 2, , two lights, SS Stephen : Alban with three angels blowing trumpets in canopy above both
Treleigh, St Stephen
  1. Chancel apse (lancets), , three lights, SS Peter : Stephen : John

Outside Cornwall

These are mostly windows that have some connection with Cornwall; it is not intended to be a complete list.

Tavistock, St Eustachius
  1. Lady Chapel east, , five lights,
    2. Christ aloft in the sky—Ascension
    1a. Angel holding scroll 1b, 1c, 1d. Bearing of Christ’s body to the grave 1e. Angel holding scroll