Windows made by Clayton & Bell

This includes windows by

  1. Bell, Reginald Otto
  2. Clayton & Bell
  3. Farrar-Bell, Martin

In Cornwall

Antony, St James the Great
  1. South aisle east, , three lights, Sermon on the Mount : Ascension : Pentecost
  1. South aisle 4, , single light, Mary of Bethany sitting at the feet of Christ
Bodmin, St Petroc
  1. South Chapel south 3, , four lights, Raising of widow of Nain’s son : Christ saving Peter on the waves : Miraculous draught of fishes : Raising of Jairus’ daughter. (lower) three healing miracles, and Christ stilling the waves.
  2. South aisle 2, , four lights, SS Michael : Petroc : Piran : Longinus - small scenes beneath of St Michael rebuking Satan : Petroc protecting stag : Saint Piran preaching : Soldier at the Cross.
  3. South aisle 1, , four lights, SS George : Germain : Mawes : Alban - with small scenes beneath of St George slaying the dragon : Saint Germain blessing : : Saint Mawes teaching : Saint Alban’s martyrdom
  4. South aisle 3, , four lights, SS Anna : BVM : Elizabeth : Mary of Bethany - small scenes beneath of the Good Samaritan narrative.
  5. Chancel east, , five lights, Te Deum: Centre light: Christ in Majesty, surrounded by angels, archangels and cherubs. The other lights represent the glorious company of Apostles, the goodly fellowship of the prophets, the noble army of martyrs and the Holy Church.
  6. South Chapel south 1, , four lights, Suffer little children above Adoration of shepherds : Adoration of Magi : Presentation : Flight to Egypt
  7. North aisle 2, , four lights, SS Martin : Maurice : Gereon : Longinus. Battle scene below across all lights
Coverack, St Peter
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, Feed my sheep : The Good Shepherd : Charge to Peter
  2. Chancel south, , single light, Christ stilling the waves
  3. Nave south 1, , single light, St Luke roundel set in plain glass
  4. Nave south 2, , single light, Roundel of St John set in plain glass
  5. West, , two lights, SS Peter and Keverne
  6. Nave north 2, , single light, Roundel of St Matthew set in plain glass
  7. Nave north 1, , single light, Roundel of St Mark set in plain glass
  8. Nave south 1, , single light, St Andrew
Cury, St Corentine (Corantyn)
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, “Stained and ornamental glass”
Falmouth, All Saints
  1. West, , single light, Round - Christ in Majesty with two seraphim
Flushing, St Peter
  1. Nave south 1, , single light, Decorative patterns, with Crucifixion symbols
  2. Nave north 1, , single light, Decorative patterns, with Crucifixion symbols
Gerrans, St Gerent
  1. South Chapel east, , three lights, Ascension
  2. Chancel east, , three lights, St John the Evangelist above St Peter : Christ as the Good Shepherd : St John the Baptist above St Paul
Gwennap, St Wennapa
  1. North aisle west, , four lights, Christ with the Doctors in the temple above Annunciation, Nativity, Deposition, Flight to Egypt, Presentation at the Temple.
Hayle, St Elwyn
  1. West, , four lights, Left - SS Paul and Barnabas above Martha and Mary above Francis of Assisi and William of York. Right - SS Peter and Mark above Joachim and Anna above David and Jonathan.
Helston, St Michael
  1. Nave north 1 (lower), , single light, Christ raising young man from dead and restoring him to his mother (widow of Nain)
Hessenford, St Anne
  1. West, , three lights, Resurrection above roundel of Isaiah : Crucifixion above Last Supper : Ascension above John the Baptist roundel
  2. South aisle west, , single light, Solomon and the building of the Temple
  3. North aisle west, , single light, The Good Samaritan
  4. Chancel east, , three lights, Lancets :- 1. Gabriel : 2. Christ in Majesty over St Michael : 3. Raphael
  5. South aisle 1, , two lights, (Faith) Abraham : the Centurion
  6. South aisle 2, , two lights, (Hope) David : St Paul
  7. South aisle 3, , two lights, (Charity)Joseph : St John the Evangelist
  8. Chancel south 1, , single light, Anna
  9. Chancel south 2, , single light, Elizabeth
  10. Chancel north, , single light, BVM
Kilkhampton, St James the Great
  1. North aisle west, [unknown date], two lights, Crowning of Blessed Virgin Mary
  2. North aisle 2, [unknown date], four lights, King Arthur : Joseph of Arimathea : St Michael : King Alfred above decorative roundels with crowns set in patterned quarries
  3. Boiler room (old vestry), [unknown date], two lights, Angel with boy: saint or patriarch with book and staff.
  4. Chancel east, , five lights, Passion : Crucifixion
  5. South Chapel east, , three lights, Resurrection, empty tomb with Marys and John
  6. Tower west, , four lights,
    3a. God’s commission
    Joshua 1:9
    3b. Gideon’s summons
    Judges 6:34
    3c. David, Saul, armour
    Ⅰ Samuel 17:39
    3d. Christ, Centurion
    Matthew 8:5
    2a. God’s captain
    Joshua 5:13–14
    2b. Gideon’s fleece
    Judges 6:37
    2c. David and Goliath
    Ⅰ Samuel 17:45
    2d. Cornelius’ vision
    Acts 10:3
    1a. Joshua, Jericho
    Joshua 6:16
    1b. Gideon’s battle
    Judges 7:19
    1c. David, water from well
    Ⅱ Samuel 23:15–17
    1d. Peter, Holy Spirit
    Acts 10:44
  7. North aisle 4, , four lights, Matthew : Mark : Luke : John above decorative roundels in patterned quarries
  8. North Chapel east, , three lights, Birth, presentation and baptism of Christ
  9. South aisle 4, , four lights, Isaiah : Jeremiah : Ezekiel : Daniel above decorative roundels in patterned quarries
  10. South Chapel south 1, 1860s, four lights, Eight Granville knights - plus main figures Earls of
  11. South Chapel south 2, 1860s, four lights, Eight Granville knights - plus main figures Richard and Bevil Granville.
  12. North Chapel north, 1860s, four lights, Earl and Countess Grenville with four ancestors.
  13. Chancel east, , five lights, Christ in glory above St Michael in Te Deum setting
  14. South aisle 3, , four lights, SS Morwenna : Nonna : Buriena : Columba
  15. South aisle west, , two lights, Revd John Thynne : Archbishop Benson
  16. North aisle 3, , four lights, SS Neot : Piran : Petroc : Germanus above decorative roundels with crowns set in patterned quarries
  17. South aisle 1, , four lights, SS Mary of Cleophas : Blessed Virgin Mary : Mary Magdalene : Mary of Bethany
  18. South aisle 2, , four lights, SS Agnes : Cecilia : Lucy : Margaret
  19. North aisle 1, , four lights, St Paul : St Elizabeth with infant John the Baptist : St Anne with infant Blessed Virgin Mary : St James above altar and font
  20. North Chapel east, , three lights, Adoration of the Magi (behind organ)
Lamorran, St Moren
  1. Tower west, , three lights, True Vine : Good Shepherd : Light of the World
Lanhydrock, St Hyderoc
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, Agony in Gethsemane above Nativity : Ascension above Crucifixion : Entombment above Baptism
Lannarth (Lanner), Christ Church
  1. South aisle 1, , single light, Suffer little children
Lanreath, St Manarck (Marnach) and St Dunstan
  1. Chancel east, , five lights, Birth, baptism and crucifixion of Christ
  2. Chancel east, , five lights, Angel : BVM : Crucifixion : St John : Angel with five angels holding shields of “ihs” above each
Lawhitton, St Michael
  1. Chancel east, , five lights, Garden of Gethsemane : Bearing the Cross : Crucifixion : Noli me tangere : Road to Emmaus
Lelant, St Uny
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, SS Uny above Erth above Tyringham House : SS Anna and Ia with Celtic Cross, above Trencom Hill surmounted on Tyringham arms: SS Winwallow above Gwimear above Tyringham House.
Lezant, St Briochus
  1. Chancel south, , two lights, Christ with saints above angels with shields and inscriptions above the summoning of the living and the dead
  2. Chancel east, , three lights, Last Supper below Crucifixion
  3. North aisle west, , single light, St Cecilia
Liskeard, St Martin
  1. Chancel east, , five lights, Ascension scene above :-Pilate with Joseph of Arimathaea : Sealing the Tomb : Two angels with scrolls : Three Marys : SS John and Peter arriving at the empty tomb
  2. North Chapel north 2, , four lights, St. Joseph : BVM : Mary Magdelene : Stephen with four angels holding scrolls beneath - Beatitudes.
  3. Baptistry (tower) west, , four lights, SS Matthew : Mark : Luke : John - above evangelists’ symbols
  4. South aisle 1, , four lights, Bishop Ridley : Agnes Prest : Anne Askew : Bishop Ridley all above the flames of martyrdom
  5. Lady Chapel south 1, , four lights, Elijah : Moses : David : Samuel
  6. South Chapel east, , three lights, Christ healing the diseased
  7. North Chapel north 1, , four lights, Adoration of the Magi and Shepherds:
    1. Magi presenting gifts.
    2. Angels adoring the infant Jesus.
    3. Blessed Virgin Mary and child.
    4. Shepherds offering fruit.
  8. South Chapel south 2, , four lights, Dorcas - eight scenes :- three of Dorcas’ good works : death of Dorcas : summoning of St Peter : Restoration to life.
  9. South Chapel south 3, , four lights, Christ’s commission to the disciples : four angels below
  10. North aisle west, , four lights, Crucifixion
Lostwithiel, St Bartholomew
  1. South aisle 2, , three lights, Suffer little children across all three lights. Lower sequence :- Feeding the Hungry : Water to the Thirsty : Clothing the Naked : Welcoming a Stranger
  2. Chancel east, , five lights, Crucifixion across all five lights. Lower sequence:-
    1. Deposition from the Cross.
    2. Three Marys.
    3. Two angels at the Tomb.
    4. SS John and Peter.
    5. Christ and Mary Magdalene (Noli me tangere).
  3. South aisle west, , single light, St George
  4. North aisle west, , single light, St Elizabeth
Lostwithiel, St Faith’s House of Mercy
  1. [unknown location], [unknown date]
Madron, St Madern
  1. South aisle 1, , three lights, Hungry above Sick above naked : Christ above Good Shepherd above Christ teaching Beatitudes : Weak above thirsty above prison
Maker, St Mary and St Julian
  1. North aisle 2, , three lights, Christ preaching in a boat. Top of left and right lights repaired with plain glass
Maryfield, St Philip and St James
  1. n5. North aisle 1, , single light, St Martha
  2. e1. Chancel east, , five lights, The upper lights show the Crucifixion, together with the three Marys and St John, set in a blue tint grisaille, The predellas below show, from left to right, the Adoration of the Magi, the Flight to Egypt, the Presentation at the Temple, the Nativity and the Adoration of the shepherds.
  3. s2. Chancel south 1, , two lights, Noli me tangere above Road to Emmaus : Christ summoning the fishermen above Thomas
  4. s3. Chancel south 2, , two lights, Stilling the waves above Feeding the 5000 : Christ saving Peter from the waves above Marriage at Cana
  5. s5. Nave south 2, , four lights, Baptism of Christ above Moses and the Red Sea : Pentecost above the Fiery Furnace : Baptism of eunuch above Naaman : Jailor with Paul and Silas above Noah building Ark.
  6. n6. North aisle west, , single light, St Mary
  7. n4. North transept north 2, , three lights, Acts of Mercy :- Stranger above Thirsty above Hungry : Tabitha above Peter healing above Dorcas : Prisoner above sick above naked
  8. n3. North transept north 1, , three lights, (Totally hidden behind organ) Fully stained glass
  9. n2. North transept east, , two lights, SS Philip : James the Less
  10. s4. Nave south 1, , three lights, Stephen above the woman of Samaria at Jacob’s well : Moses stopping the fight above Moses : Jesus and Nathaniel above Widow of Nain
  11. w1. Tower west, 1870s, two lights, Gabriel : Michael
Mawgan-in-Pydar, St Mawgan (and St Nicholas)
  1. North nave west, , three lights,
    1. St John?
    2. Christ in Majesty
    3. St James the Less, with fuller’s club
    above Nunc Dimittis.
  2. South Chapel east, , five lights, Ascension above the charge to St Peter : Christ and Thomas : Christ and Mary Magdalene at the Tomb : Road the Emmaeus : Last Supper
Menheniot, St Lalluwy
  1. Chancel east, [unknown date], four lights, Last Supper
Morval, St Wenna
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, BVM above Entombment : Christ above Angels at the empty tomb : St John above Noli me tangere.
Mylor, St Melorus
  1. South transept south, , three lights, SS Peter : Good Shepherd : John
North Hill, St Torney
  1. Chancel south, , three lights, Nativity : Resurrection : Ascension
  2. Chancel east, , five lights, Capture of Christ above Garden of Gethsemane : Bearing the Cross above Judas’ betrayal : Crucifixion above Christ and Pilate : Noli me tangere above Scourging : Ascension above Crown of Thorns
  3. Chancel north, , three lights, Te Deum (Ascension with Old Testament prophets and patriachs).
Penponds, Holy Trinity
  1. Chancel south 2, , single light, Confession of St Thomas
  2. Nave west, , two lights, Suffer little children
  3. North aisle west, , two lights, Visitation of the BVM : BVM and St John
  4. Chancel east, , three lights, Three Lancets : Te Deum
  5. Porch east, , single light, Quatrefoil - Annunciation angel
  6. Porch west, , single light, Quatrefoil - Annunciation BVM. Includes two inserts : (i) to left, Book on covered lectern ; (ii) Part of chateau (painted, possibly Flemish, 17th-18th century?)
  7. Chancel south 1, , single light, *St Anne and BVM
Penzance, St John the Baptist
  1. Chancel east, , 3 lancets :- Ascension across all three. Below : (left) St John the evangelist leading BVM from Crucifixion : (centre) angels and Marys at the empty Tomb : (right) Noli me tangere.
  2. South Chapel east, , two lights, Annunciation to Simeon : Presentation at the Temple
Porthpean, St Levan
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, Angel above Good Centurion : Christ in Glory above the Risen Christ : Angel above St Paul
  2. Chancel south, , single light, St Michael below and angel holding insignia of Coldstream Guards
  3. West, , single light, Soldier with palm and cross below insignia of Coldstream Guards. Inscription “Faithful unto death”
  4. Nave north 1, , single light, King David below insignia of Coldstream Guards
  5. Chancel north, , single light, St George, with insignia of Coldstream Guards above
  6. Nave south 1, , single light, Christ walking on the water below a lily.
  7. Nave south 2, , single light, King Alfred below a galley
  8. Nave north 2, , single light, Christ in boat on sea of Galilee below anchor and chain.
Poughill, St Olaf King and Martyr
  1. Chancel east, [unknown date], three lights, John above Resurrection : BVM above Three Marys at the Tomb : Mary Magdalene above Noli me tangere : Peter above Good Shepherd.
Probus, St Probus and St Grace
  1. North Chapel east, , five lights, SS Grace : Paul : BVM and child : Peter : Probus. Predellas below - King Adelstan: Christ’s appearance at emmaus: Annunciation: Christ’s commission to Peter; St Cornelius.
Redruth, St Andrew
  1. South aisle 4, , two lights, Adoration of the Magi
  2. South aisle 2, , two lights, Annunciation
  3. South aisle 3, , two lights, Nativity
  4. South aisle 5, , two lights, Christ and the Doctors in the Temple
  5. North aisle 5, , two lights, Calling of SS Peter and Andrew
  6. North aisle 4, , two lights, Healing of the lame at the pool of Bethesda
  7. South aisle west, , single light, Baptism of Christ
  8. Northwest porch, , single light, “What seek ye?”
  9. North nave clerestory 7, , four lights, BVM : St Gabriel : “The only son”
  10. North nave clerestory 6, , four lights, St Bartholomew (right light only, rest plain glass)
Redruth, St Euny
  1. North aisle 2, , three lights, St Euny : BVM and child : St Francis
St Austell, Holy Trinity
  1. South Chapel south 1, , two lights, Presentation at the Temple : Flight to Egypt
St Breward, St Brueredus
  1. North Chapel (vestry), , two lights, Angel with three Marys at the Tomb
St Cleer, St Clarus
  1. Chancel east, , four lights, Christ with the Doctors in the Temple : Christ, apostles and child : Suffer little children : Raising of Jairus’ daughter
St Columb Major, St Columba
  1. South transept, , four lights, SS Matthew : Mark : Luke : John above the four Latin doctors of the church, SS Ambrose, Jerome (Hieronymus), Gregory and Augustine, each with the symbol of the evangelist above.
St Dominick, St Dominica
  1. Tower west, , two lights, SS Dominica : Indractus
St Erth, St Ercus
  1. North aisle west, , three lights, Agony in Gethsemane above Christ and Pilate : Crucifixion above Bearing the Cross : Resurrection above Deposition from the Cross.
  2. Chancel east, , five lights, SS Paul : Timothy : Christ : Eunice : Lois
  3. South Chapel east, , five lights, SS Petroc : Ercus : Adoration of the Magi :Piran : Colan. Below - five scenes of the Pastor Bonus (Good Shepherd)
  4. South aisle 1, , three lights, SS Mary : Christ : John the Evangelist
  5. South aisle west, , three lights, Suffer little children above Annunciation : Nativity : Christ in the carpenter’s shop
St Gennys, St Genesius
  1. South Chapel south, , three lights, St George and dragon in centre light. Left and right - British Legion badges and “R.G.”
St Germans, St Germanus of Auxerre
  1. Chancel north 2, , three lights, Transfiguration
St Hilary, St Hilary
  1. South transept south, , four lights, St Paul’s farewell to the Ephesians (Acts 20:38).
  2. North transept north, , four lights, SS Ambrose : Augustine : Jerome : Gregory
  3. Nave clerestory southeast, , three lights, SS Matthew : Evangelists’ emblems : Mark
  4. Nave clerestory northeast, , three lights, SS Luke : Evangelists’ emblems : John the Evangelist
St Just-in-Penwith, St Just
  1. South aisle 1, , three lights, St Michael. Two armorials set in plant foliage.
  2. South aisle 2, , three lights, St Gabriel. Two cherubim.
  3. South aisle 3, , three lights, St Luke and insignia. Lilies and roses.
  4. North aisle 4, , three lights, Christ, a soldier, and names of 36 soldiers from parish who fell in Great War
St Just-in-Roseland, St Just
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, BVM : Crucifixion : St John
  2. Tower west, , three lights, SS Mawes : Peter : Just
St Keyne, St Kayna
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, BVM : Christ : St John the Baptist (lower section behind reredos)
  2. South aisle 1, , two lights, SS Peter : Paul
  3. n2. North aisle east, , two lights, Suffer Little Children
St Mellion, St Mellanus
  1. s6. South transept south, , three lights, Christ on empty tomb with SS Peter and John and Three Marys.
St Michael Caerhays, St Michael
  1. Chancel north, , single light, St Michael
St Michael Penkevil, St Michael
  1. South transept south, , three lights, Healing miracles - Blind above Deaf : Lame above Dead : Leper above children
St Nectan, St Nectan
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, Presentation at the temple
St Winnow, St Winnow
  1. South aisle 1, , three lights, Good Shepherd : Light of the World : Suffer little children
Sennen, St Sennen
  1. South aisle east, [unknown date], three lights, Visiting the sick : Ascension : Suffer little children
  2. South aisle west, [unknown date], two lights, Dorcas distributing alms ?
  3. Chancel east, , three lights, Baptism of Christ : Good Shepherd : Christ and John the Baptist
  4. South aisle 2, , three lights, Faith : Hope : Charity
  5. South aisle 3, , two lights, Raising of Widow of Nain’s son
South Petherwin, St Paternus
  1. South aisle east, , four lights, Suffer Little Children
Stithians, St Stedyana
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, Ascension
Stratton, St Andrew
  1. North aisle 1, , three lights, Christ : Moses : Elias - Transfiguration scene with three scroll bearing angels below
  2. North Chapel east, , three lights, The scene in the upper room at Jerusalem on the first day of Pentecost after the Ascension.
Treslothan, St John the Evangelist
  1. West 1, [unknown date], single light, “Feed my sheep”
  2. West 2, [unknown date], single light, Good Shepherd
  3. West 3, [unknown date], single light, “Come unto me all ye that labour”
  4. Nave north 5, [unknown date], single light, St Catherine
  5. Nave north 4, [unknown date], single light, Angel from original tracery set in plain glass
  6. Nave north 3, [unknown date], single light, Angel from original tracery set in plain glass
  7. Nave north 2, [unknown date], single light, Angel from original tracery set in plain glass
  8. Nave north 1, [unknown date], single light, Angel from original tracery set in plain glass
  9. Nave south 1, , single light, Suffer little children (1)
  10. Nave south 2, , single light, Suffer little children (2)
  11. Nave south 3, , single light, Suffer little children (3)
Trevalga, St Petroc
  1. Tower west, , three lights, BVM and child : Good Shepherd : St Christopher carrying Christ-child
  2. Chancel east, , three lights, Adoration of the Magi above Annunciation : Crucifixion above Deposition : Ascension above Noli me tangere
Troon, The Good Shepherd
  1. Chancel south, [unknown date], single light, St Catherine
  2. Chancel east, , three lights, Suffer little children
  3. South wall, , three lights, “Feed my sheep” : Good Shepherd : “Come unto me all who labour”
Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary
  1. E1 a. Upper east left, , single light, The Apocalypse - Angels : Patriarchs : Angels : Six Apostles and St Paul : Angels : Martyrs : Glory of the Word going forth on a white horse.
  2. e1 a. Lower east left, , single light, The Three Great Mysteries - Incarnation : Nativity : Annunciation to the Shepherds : Visitation : Annunciation to BVM
  3. E1 b. Upper east centre, , single light, The Apocalypse - Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit : Christ in Majesty : Archangels : Emblems of the Evangelists : BVM and the Holy Innocents : Adoration of the Lamb.
  4. e1 b. Lower east centre, , single light, The Three Great Mysteries - Passion : Crucifixion : Ecce Homo : Agony in Gethsemane : Last Supper.
  5. E1 c. Upper east right, , single light, The Apocalypse - Angels : Prophets : Angels : Six Apostles and St Barnabas : Angels : Greek and Latin Doctors of the Church : Vision of the City of God
  6. e1 c. Lower east right, , single light, The Three Great Mysteries - Resurrection : Three Marys at the Tomb : Burial : Pieta.
  7. s2. South quire aisle east, , single light, St John the Divine : St John’s care for the mother of Jesus : St John in his old age preaching at Ephesus. (FH).
  8. s10. South transept lancet 1, , single light, Witness of St Stephen : Baptism of Cornelius the centurion by St Peter : St Paul teaching at Athens
  9. s11. South transept lancet 2, , single light, Council at Jerusalem : SS Cyprian, James and Athanasius : Council at Nicea
  10. s12. South transept lancet 3, , single light, St Lawrence displaying the poor as the treasure of the Church : Conversion of Augustine : Augustine entering Canterbury
  11. S13. South transept rose, , single light, God the Holy Spirit and Pentecost - Dove with flames to the twelve Apostles
  12. Bs1. Baptistry 1, , single light, St Pol de Léon : Henry Martyn, a pupil at Truro Grammar School : Martyn praying in Lamorran woods
  13. Bs2. Baptistry 2, , single light, St Cubi : Martyn leaving Falmouth docks for India : His first sight of heathenism.
  14. Bs3. Baptistry 3, , single light, St Constantine : Martyn preaching at Cawnpore : Martyn translating the New Testament into Persian.
  15. Bs4. Baptistry 4, , single light, St Winnow : Martyn arguing with Muslims in Tehran : Martyn’s burial by the Armenians at Tokat
  16. N13. North transept rose, , single light, God the Son and the Root of Jesse (Abraham to Joseph)
  17. n2. North quire aisle east, , single light, St Stephen : Stephen before the Council : Martyrdom of Stephen (FH).
  18. SMs10. St Mary’s aisle 9, , two lights, Christ summoning fishermen above Baptism of Christ and Christ at Jacob’s well in Samaria (N).
  19. SMs11. St Mary’s aisle 10, , two lights,
    1. Christ’s Sermon on the Mount
    2. The Parable of the Sower
  20. n21. North transept 1 (St George’s Chapel), , single light, St George : Joseph of Arimathea, St Augustine : George slaying dragon
  21. s13. Baptistry vestibule 1, , single light, Elijah : Zacharius and Gabriel : Zacharias names his son “John”
  22. s14. Baptistry vestibule 2, , single light, John the Baptist : John preaching in the wilderness : Baptism of Christ
  23. s15. Baptistry vestibule 3, , single light, Noah : John rebukes Herod : Beheading of John
  24. n3. North quire aisle north 1, , single light, St Paul : SS Mary Magdalene, Luke : Conversion of Paul on the road to Damascus
  25. s3. South quire aisle south 1, , single light, St Peter : SS James the Great and Mark : Christ’s charge to St Peter.
  26. s4. South quire aisle south 2, , single light, St James the Less: SS Matthew and Thomas : SS James, Peter and John greeting Paul and Barnabas
  27. n11. North quire aisle north 9, , single light, St Ambrose : SS Augustine, Monica : Theodosius Ⅰ confessing to Ambrose the massacre of Thessalonica.
  28. n13. North transept east 1, , single light, St Piran : SS Germanus, Petroc : The Alleluia Battle AD430.
  29. n23. North nave aisle 2, , single light, Venerable Bede : Alcuin and John of Damascus : Death of Bede at Jarrow, dictating the translation of St John’s Gospel.
  30. n10. North quire aisle north 8, , single light, St Athanasius : SS Basil, John Chrysostum : Athanasius returning to Alexandria .
  31. n9. North quire aisle north 7, , single light, St Helena : Origen, St Jerome : Helena finding the Cross.
  32. S4 a. Southeast quire transept, , Adoration of the Magi above Flight to Egypt above Christ and the Doctors in the Temple
  33. S4 b. Southeast quire transept, , Adoration of the Magi above Christ in the Carpenter’s shop and Baptism of Christ
  34. S4 c. Southeast quire transept, , Adoration of the Magi above Temption of Christ and Miracle at Cana
  35. S4 d. Southeast quire transept, , Adoration of the Magi above Sermon of the Mount and Transfiguration
  36. n6. North quire aisle north 4, , single light, SS Pantaenus, Irenaeus, Justin : Pantaenus preaching to the Indians.
  37. n5. North quire aisle north 3, , single light, SS Clement, Ignatius, Polycarp : SS Peter and Paul teaching Clement.
  38. n8. North quire aisle north 6, , single light, St Alban : SS Pancras, Catherine : Alban before the Judge
  39. n7. North quire aisle north 5, , single light, St Cyprian : SS Perpetua, Lawrence : Beheading of St Cyprian
  40. SMs9. St Mary’s aisle 8, , two lights, Christ with Mary Magdalene above two angels
  41. n4. North quire aisle north 2, , single light, St Timothy : St Denys (Dionysius the Areopagite), Onesimus : Ordination of Timothy
  42. n22. North nave aisle 1, , single light, St Theodore of Tarsus : SS Aidan and Wilfrid of York : Council of Hatfield A.D.680
  43. n12. North quire aisle north 10, , single light, St Benedict : SS Antony of Egypt, Scholastica : Benedict building cathedral at Naples
  44. s26. West lancet 1, , single light, Uriel : The Creation of Man
  45. s27. West lancet 2, , single light, Gabriel : Formation of Eve
  46. n20. North transept lancet 6, , single light, Eve (Thorns and thistles)
  47. n19. North transept lancet 5, , single light, Sarah (Terebinth of Mamre)
  48. n18. North transept lancet 4, , single light, Tamar (Palm Tree)
  49. n17. North transept lancet 3, , single light, Rahab (Flax)
  50. n16. North transept lancet 2, , single light, Ruth (Barley)
  51. n15. North transept lancet 1, , single light, Bathsheba (Vine)
  52. SMs14. St Mary’s aisle 13, , five lights, Themes of water and baptism:
    1. Noah above entry into Ark
    2. Moses above parting of Red Sea
    3. St John the Baptist above Baptism of Christ
    4. St Peter above baptism of Cornelius
    5. St Philip above baptism of Ethiopian eunuch
  53. s24. South nave aisle 9, , single light, John Wesley : Charles Wesley and Samuel Walker : John Wesley preaching to the miners at Gwennap pit.
  54. W1. West rose, , single light, God the Father and the Creation
  55. n36. West lancet 3, , single light, Michael : The Temptation
  56. n35. West lancet 4, , single light, Raphael : Expulsion from Eden
  57. n33. North nave aisle 12, , single light, Archbishop Benson : Faith, Hope : Prince of Wales laying foundation stone of Truro Cathedral
  58. n32. North nave aisle 11, , single light, Queen Victoria : Gen Charles Gordon and Alfred, Lord Tennyson : Queen Victoria receiving news of her accession.
  59. n25. North nave aisle 4, , single light, SS Bernard of Clairvaux : Francis of Assisi and Dominic : Bernard preaching at Second Crusade, .
  60. n24. North nave aisle 3, , single light, Edward the Confessor : Leofric and Kenstec : King Edward and Queen Edith placing Leofric on throne of Cathedral of Exeter, 1046
  61. s22. South nave aisle 7, , single light, Charles Ⅰ : George Herbert and Sir John Eliot : Beheading of Charles Ⅰ.
  62. s23. South nave aisle 8, , single light, Margaret Godolphin, née Blagge : Sir Bevil Grenville and Sir Jonathan Trelawny : Margaret Blagge resigning her post at Court.
  63. n14. North transept east 2, , single light, St Gregory : SS Martin of Tours, Patrick : Gregory and the English children in the market at Rome
  64. s25. South nave aisle west, , single light, Guardian angel of fishermen (net of fish): Cornish fishermen at Newlyn.
  65. n34. North nave aisle west, , single light, Guardian angel of miners (Davy lamp and pick) : Cornish miners at Dolcoath
  66. n31. North nave aisle 10, , single light, Henry Martyn : John Keble and Frederick Denison Maurice : Martyn consulting with Persian scholars.
  67. n27. North nave aisle 6, , single light, Joan of Arc : Louis Ⅸ and St Catherine of Siena : Coronation of Charles Ⅶ,
  68. n26. North nave aisle 5, , single light, Archbishop Stephen Langton : Edward Ⅰ and Bishop Richard Grosseteste : Signing of the Magna Carta
  69. SMs8 a. St Mary’s aisle 7 left, , two lights, Tracery and right canopy - medieval fragments, including female figure. Main subject: Our Lord in glory, as symbolically represented in Revelation 1, Predella: St John leading Mary away from the Cross.
  70. s18. South nave aisle 3, , single light, St Anselm : John Duns Scotus and St Thomas Aquinas : Anselm remonstrating with King William Ⅱ
  71. n30. North nave aisle 9, , single light, Joseph Butler : Sir Isaac Newton and George Frideric Handel : Butler presenting his “Analogy” to Queen Caroline
  72. s20. South nave aisle 5, , single light, Thomas à Kempis : Girolamo Savonarola and John Hus : Thomas à Kempis reading in the field.
  73. s21. South nave aisle 6, , single light, Dean John Colet : Sir Thomas More and Erasmus : Dean Colet teaching at St Paul’s Cathedral School
  74. s16. South nave aisle 1, , single light, St Boniface : SS Columbanus and Methodius : Boniface felling oak
  75. s17. South nave aisle 2, , single light, Charles the Great : Kings Olaf and Alfred : Coronation of Charles the Great
  76. s19. South nave aisle 4, , single light, Dante : Giotto and Innocent Ⅲ : Opening scene of Dante’s Divine Comedy
  77. n29. North nave aisle 8, , single light, Richard Hooker : Bishop Lancelot Andrewes and Francis Bacon : Hooker preaching at Paul’s Cross
  78. n28. North nave aisle 7, , single light, Archbishop Thomas Cranmer : John Wycliffe and Miles Coverdale : Cranmer receiving injunction from Henry Ⅷ
Truro, Chapel of the Community of the Epiphany
  1. North alcove west, [unknown date], single light,
    1. Ascension
    2. Noli me tangere
    3. Annunciation to BVM
Trythall, All Saints
  1. East, , three lights, Left - SS Kenya,Agnes,Catherine,Barbara,Morwenna,Bridget : Centre - BVM, Crucifixion, St John Evangelist : Right - SS Alban, Stephen, Neot, Augustine of Canterbury, Augustine of Hippo, Paul.

Outside Cornwall

These are mostly windows that have some connection with Cornwall; it is not intended to be a complete list.

Melbourne, Cathedral Church of St Paul
  1. E1. Chancel east, , Christ ascends into heaven; apostles beneath. In the predellas below are events after the Resurrection leading up to the Ascension:
    1a. The angel addresses the Holy Women at the empty tomb
    1b. Noli me tangere
    1c. Supper at Emmaus: Christ is made known in the breaking of the bread
    1d. Thomas reaches out to touch the wound in Christ’s side
    1e. Christ at the Sea of Galilee, orders the Apostles to cast their net to the right-hand side of the boat
  2. S2. South sanctuary clerestory 1, (FH).
  3. S3. South sanctuary clerestory 2, (FH).
  4. S4. South sanctuary clerestory 3, (FH).
  5. S5. South sanctuary clerestory 4, (FH).
  6. s2. Macartney chapel east, , single light,
    3. Angel holding scroll
    2. Christ and the woman of Samaria: sitting at Jacob’s well he asks her for a drink from her jug
    1. Angel holding scroll
  7. S6. South transept clerestory east 1, (FH).
  8. S7. South transept clerestory east 2, (FH).
  9. S8. South transept rose, (FH).
  10. S9. South transept clerestory west 1, (FH).
  11. S10. South transept clerestory west 2, (FH).
  12. CN1. Crossing east 1, (FH).
  13. CS1. Crossing east 2, (FH).
  14. CS2. Crossing south 1, (FH).
  15. CS3. Crossing south 2, (FH).
  16. CS4. Crossing west 1, (FH).
  17. CN4. Crossing west 2, (FH).
  18. CN3. Crossing north 2, (FH).
  19. CN2. Crossing north 1, (FH).
  20. s3. South nave aisle 1, , two lights, The widow’s mite (N).
  21. S11. South nave clerestory 1, (FH).
  22. s4. South nave aisle 2, , two lights, Entry into Jerusalem (N).
  23. S12. South nave clerestory 2, (FH).
  24. s5. South nave aisle 3, , two lights, Christ raises the son of the widow of Nain (N).
  25. S13. South nave clerestory 3, (FH).
  26. s6. South nave aisle 4, , two lights, Christ’s commission to Peter: “Feed my sheep” (N).
  27. S14. South nave clerestory 4, (FH).
  28. s7. South nave aisle 5, , two lights, Christ walks on water (N).
  29. S15. South nave clerestory 5, (FH).
  30. s8. South nave aisle 6, , two lights, Suffer little children (N).
  31. S16. South nave clerestory 6, (FH).
  32. s9. South nave aisle 7, , two lights, Christ rebukes the wind (N).
  33. S17. South nave clerestory 7, (FH).
  34. s10. South nave aisle 8, , two lights, Miraculous draught of fishes (N).
  35. S18. South nave clerestory 8, (FH).
  36. s11. South nave aisle 9, , two lights, Wedding at Cana (N).
  37. S19. South nave clerestory 9, (FH).
  38. s12. South nave aisle 10, , two lights, Christ with the doctors in the temple (N).
  39. S20. South nave clerestory 10, (FH).
  40. s13. South nave aisle 11, , two lights, Nunc dimittis (N).
  41. S21. South nave clerestory 11, (FH).
  42. s14. South nave aisle 12, , two lights, Adoration of the Magi (N).
  43. S22. South nave clerestory 12, (FH).
  44. s15. South narthex west, , two lights,
    3a. St Stephen 3b. St Paul
    2a. Stephen giving alms 2b. Paul speaks to the men on the ship
    1a. Ordination of Stephen 1b. Paul’s vision of a Macedonian man
  45. W1. West, (FH).
  46. n20. North narthex west, , two lights,
    3a. St Timothy 3b. St Barnabas
    2a. Ordination of Timothy 2b. Barnabas brings money to the disciples
    1a. Timothy with mother and grandmother 1b. Barnabas sets sail for Cyprus
  47. n19. North nave aisle 12, , two lights, Paul speaks to the people from the stairs of the castle in Jerusalem: childhood in the school of Gamaliel. (N).
  48. N22. North nave clerestory 12, (FH).
  49. n18. North nave aisle 11, , two lights, In Jerusalem Barnabas brings Paul to the apostles (N).
  50. N21. North nave clerestory 11, (FH).
  51. n17. North nave aisle 10, , two lights, The sorcerer Elymas (Elymes, Bar-Jesus), who tries to prevent Paul and Barnabas from speaking, is struck blind by Paul (N).
  52. N20. North nave clerestory 10, (FH).
  53. n16. North nave aisle 9, , two lights, Paul and Barnabas heal a cripple; the people of Lystra think they are Mercury and Jupiter (N).
  54. N19. North nave clerestory 9, (FH).
  55. n15. North nave aisle 8, , two lights, Preparation of the sacrificial celebration with oxen and garlands in front of the temple of Jupiter—Paul and Barnabas at Lystra (N).
  56. N18. North nave clerestory 8, (FH).
  57. n14. North nave aisle 7, , two lights, The warder and his family are baptised by Paul and Silas (N).
  58. N17. North nave clerestory 7, (FH).
  59. n13. North nave aisle 6, , two lights, Paul on Mars’ Hill in front of the altar of the unknown God (N).
  60. N16. North nave clerestory 6, (FH).
  61. n12. North nave aisle 5, , two lights, Paul before Festus, King Agrippa and Queen Bernice (N).
  62. N15. North nave clerestory 5, (FH).
  63. n11. North nave aisle 4, , two lights, The shipwreck on the coast of Malta (Melita)—story of Paul (N).
  64. N14. North nave clerestory 4, (FH).
  65. n10. North nave aisle 3, , two lights, After the shipwreck Paul and his men are kindly received by the inhabitants of Malta, who make fire (N).
  66. N13. North nave clerestory 3, (FH).
  67. n9. North nave aisle 2, , two lights, Paul preaches and tells his story to Jews while guarded by soldiers (N).
  68. N12. North nave clerestory 2, (FH).
  69. n8. North nave aisle 1, , two lights, The beheading of Paul (N).
  70. N11. North nave clerestory 1, (FH).
  71. N10. North transept clerestory west, (FH).
  72. n7. North transept north 3, , single light, Faith (FA).
  73. N9. North transept clerestory north 2, (FH).
  74. n6. North transept north 2, , single light, Charity (FA).
  75. N8. North transept clerestory north 1, (FH).
  76. n5. North transept north 1, , single light, Hope (FA).
  77. N7. North transept clerestory east 2, (FH).
  78. N6. North transept clerestory east 1, (FH).
  79. n4. Chapel of the Ascension north 2, , two lights, Adoration of the Christ-child by Mary and Joseph (N).
  80. n3. Chapel of the Ascension north 1, , two lights, Baptism of Christ in the river Jordan: John the Baptist pouring out water on Christ’s head: the Holy Ghost descends (N).
  81. n2. Chapel of the Ascension east, , single light,
    3. Angel holding scroll
    2. Christ’s Sermon on the Mount
    1. Angel holding scroll
  82. N5. North Sanctuary clerestory 4, (FH).
  83. N4. North Sanctuary clerestory 3, (FH).
  84. N3. North Sanctuary clerestory 2, (FH).
  85. N2. North Sanctuary clerestory 1, (FH).