Windows made by Gibbs, Charles

In Cornwall

Fowey, St Fimbarrus
  1. South aisle east, , four lights, Matthew : Mark : Luke : John over two sets of arms, both with motto Whyle God Wyll
  2. South aisle 2, , four lights,
    a. Christ rebukes the wind
    b. Miraculous draught of fishes
    c. Christ saves Peter from drowning
    d. Christ at the Sea of Galilee (post-Resurrection), orders the Apostles to cast their net to the right-hand side of the boat
  3. Chancel east, , five lights, Nativity : Baptism of Christ : Ascension above Crucifixion : Agony in Gethsemane : Last Supper
  4. South aisle 4, , four lights, Reinserted into plain glass :- Jacob’s Ladder : Elijah and the ravens
St Blazey, St Blaise
  1. North aisle east, , three lights, Faith : Hope : Charity.