Windows made by Morris, William

This includes windows by

  1. Morris, William
  2. Morris, William & Co
  3. Morris, William and Ashworth, Sue

In Cornwall

Flushing, St Peter
  1. Chancel east, , single light, Good Shepherd (BJ 399)
Ladock, St Ladoca
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, Main lights: the Marys mentioned in the New Testament:
    1. Mary Magdalene and Mary the wife of Cleophas (WM169a-original)
    2. Mary the sister of Lazarus washing Christ’s feet at the house of Simon the leper at Bethany (BJ151a-original)
    3. Virgin Mary and St Ladoca (WM183a-original).
    Lower panel: three roundels containing angels playing cymbals, pipes and psaltery.
  2. South aisle east, , three lights,
    1. St Raphael (WM53)
    2. St Luke (FMB-original)
    3. St Peter (WM 173a)
  3. South aisle west, , three lights,
    1. Moses (BJ70)
    2. St John the Baptist (BJ190)
    3. Isaiah (BJ266)
Polruan, St Saviour
  1. Nave south 1, , single light, Roundel in plain glass - Salome with James and John (BJ 303)
  2. Nave south 2, , single light, Roundel in plain glass - BVM and Elizabeth with infants Jesus and John (“The Holy Family” BJ 302)
  3. South transept south, , three lights
St Germans, St Germanus of Auxerre
  1. Chancel east, , five lights, (U) Centurion (BJ wb58) : Mary, sister of Lazarus (BJ wb60) : Christ as Love (BJ wb59) : Virgin Mary (BJ wb57) : St Paul (BJ wb61). (L) Saints Matthew (BJ wb62), Mark (BJ wb51), Stephen (BJ wb56), Luke (BJ wb55), John (BJ wb63)
  2. South Chapel south 1, , six lights, Joy (BJ27) : Justice (BJ441) : Faith (BJ wb65) : Hope (BJ wb64) : Charity (BJ 398) : Praise (BJ wb77)
St Michael Penkevil, St Michael
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, Three Marys (BJ196) above St Michael and the Devil (WM175a-original) : Christ on the Cross (BJ126b) above St Michael (WM55-original) : St John with Joseph and Nicodemus (BJ197) above St Michael spearing Dragon (BJ52)
Stratton, St Andrew
  1. Chancel east, , four lights, Saints Matthew (BJ18) : Mark (B146) : Luke (BJ17) : John (BJ19) set in foliage quarry glass with the evangelistic symbols (PW 2,3,4,178) below.