Windows made by AK Nicholson

This includes windows by

  1. Nicholson, AK
  2. Nicholson, AK (GER Smith)
  3. AK Nicholson Studio, Gerald ER Smith / Hugh Lewis Pawle

In Cornwall

Bodmin, St Petroc
  1. n2. North Chapel east, , four lights, Four kingly and knightly warriors:
    2a. King Arthur 2b. Sir Percival 2c. King Richard Ⅰ 2d. King Edward I
    1a. Capt Ashton at prayer. Arms, crest and motto of Ashton. 1b. Regimental badge of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry 1c. Arms of Duchy of Cornwall 1d. Maj Gen Sir John Inglis at prayer. Arms, crest and motto of Inglis
Falmouth, St Mary Immaculate
  1. West rose, , single light, Christ and BVM with saints as they may be in Dante’s vision of heaven
Padstow, St Petroc
  1. South Chapel 1, , four lights, SS Edmund : Michael : George : Nicholas. At top angels holding shields (Cornwall, armorial, Truro see/ Padstow)
  2. South Chapel 2, , four lights, St Katherine of Alexandria : Children and St Cecilia singing : St Winifred. Annunciation and Coronation of BVM at sides and Nativity at botttom.
Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary
  1. SMs8 b. St Mary’s aisle 7 right, , two lights,
    2b. Medieval-style female figure at top above St John the Evangelist with eagle.
    1b. St David of Wales with his mother, St Nonna.

Outside Cornwall

These are mostly windows that have some connection with Cornwall; it is not intended to be a complete list.

Flempton, St Catherine of Alexandria
  1. Nave south 1, , three lights,
    a. St Francis of Assisi
    b. St John the Evangelist
    a. St Christopher