Windows made by Mayer

In Cornwall

Charlestown, St Paul
  1. South transept east, , single light, Faith (FA).
  2. South transept south 1, , single light, Christ as the Good Shepherd (FH).
  3. South transept south 2, , single light, Christ as the light of the world (FH).
Falmouth, King Charles the Martyr
  1. North aisle 1, , four lights, Christ and the family at Bethany.
Liskeard, Our Lady and St Neot
  1. Chancel east (left), , two lights, Joseph : Francis of Assisi
Mawnan, St Maunanus and St Stephen
  1. North aisle 1, , two lights, Christ with Mary Magdalene: Noli me tangere.
St Agnes, St Agnes
  1. Chancel east, , four lights, Nativity : Baptism of Christ : Crucifixion : Ascension
St Austell, Holy Trinity
  1. Chancel east, , four lights,
    a. Adoration of the Christ-child by Mary and Joseph, with angels
    b. Crucifixion with Mary and John on either side of the cross
    c. Christ is laid down–descent from the cross
    d. Resurrection: Christ arises from the grave, with angels
  2. South Chapel south 2, , two lights,
    a. Christ walks on water: It is I; be not afraid
    b. Suffer little children
  3. Tower west, , four lights, SS Andrew : Peter : Paul : John above four armorials: the Crown (patron of the church), sees of Truro and Exeter and the arms of the town.
St Gluvias, St Gluviacus
  1. Tower west, , three lights,
    2. Jephthah becomes captain of the Gileadites
    1a. English artillery (Royal Regiment of Artillery?) colours 1b. Arms, crest and motto of Griffin 1c. Arms of Duchy of Cornwall
St Martin-by-Looe, St Keyne and St Martin
  1. Nave south, , single light, St Martin of Tours (FH).
  2. Chancel east, , five lights, Christ rebukes the wind
  3. South transept south, , three lights, Suffer little children

Outside Cornwall

These are mostly windows that have some connection with Cornwall; it is not intended to be a complete list.

Tavistock, St Eustachius
  1. South aisle 1, , four lights, Samuel speaks to the people at Gilgal (FH).