Windows made by Horwood

This includes windows by

  1. Horwood Bros of Frome
  2. Horwood, Edwin, of Frome
  3. Horwood Bros of Frome. Designed by Revd FC Hingeston-Randolph

In Cornwall

Colan, St Colanus
  1. Tower west, , three lights, SS Mary (patronal saint of Truro Cathedral): Colan (patronal saint of the church): Peter (patronal saint of Exeter Cathedral).
  2. North aisle west, , two lights, Four evangelist symbols in painted roundels on patterned diaper
Gwinear, St Gwinear
  1. e1. Chancel east, , five lights, Crucifixion and the four evangelists with vine grisaille panels above and below
  2. North transept north 2, , three lights, Vine leaf grisaille
  3. North transept north 1, , three lights, Vine leaf grisaille
  4. North transept east, , three lights, Vine leaf grisaille with roundels (ihs and two Trinity)
  5. n6. North aisle 1, , three lights, John the Baptist : Christ the Good Shepherd : St Winnerus with vine leaf grisaille panels above and below
Little Petherick, St Petroc Minor
  1. s2. Chancel south, , single light, The Revd Sir Hugh Henry Molesworth in eucharistic vestments (CG,14)
  2. s6. South aisle 1, , two lights, Mrs Manning (CG, 14) teaching children and clothing the naked
  3. n2. North aisle east, , three lights, Raising of widow of Nain’s son : Healing Peter’s wife’s mother : Giving speech to the dumb : Legion : Giving sight to the blind : Healing cripple at the Pool of Siloam
  4. s7. South aisle 2, , two lights, St John the Baptist : Joseph of Arimathaea
  5. s8. South aisle 3, , three lights, SS George : Andrew : Patrick
  6. n6. North aisle 1, , three lights, St Anne : Molesworth arms : St Cecilia
Manaccan, St Manaccus and St Dunstan
  1. South transept east, , single light, St Manacca
  2. South transept south, , two lights, Decorative pattern (vine)
  3. Nave south 1, , two lights, Agony in Gethsemane
  4. Tower west, , two lights, Crucifixion
Mithian, St Peter
  1. e1. Chancel east, , four lights, SS Matthew : Mark : Luke : John, with evangelists’ emblems below.
St Mellion, St Mellanus
  1. e1. Chancel east, , three lights, Blessed Virgin Mary : Crucifixion : St John, in patterned quarries.
Truro, St George the Martyr
  1. Tower west, , two lights,
    a. St George
    b. The Archangel Michael
    Vine leaf diaper background (FA).
  2. Nave north 3, , single light, Anne teaching Blessed Virgin Mary to read. Vine diaper background. (FH).
  3. Nave south 3, , two lights,
    a. The three Theological Virtues (Faith, Hope, Charity)
    b. Three angels in adoration
    Vine diaper background (FA).
  4. Nave south 1, , two lights,
    a. Tabitha (Dorcas) gives clothes to the poor
    b. Christ points approvingly at Dorcas
Zennor, St Senner (Senara)
  1. e1. Chancel east, , single light, Crucifixion with Blessed Virgin Mary and St John
  2. s2. Chancel south 1, , three lights, SS Gregory : Augustine : David
  3. s3. Chancel south 2, , two lights, SS Senara : Ia
  4. s5. South transept south, , three lights, SS Peter : John the Divine : Paul
  5. s6. Nave south 1, , single light, Good Shepherd
  6. n2. North aisle east, , three lights, Annunciation : Adoration of the Magi : Nunc Dimittis