Windows made by Ward and Hughes

This includes windows by

  1. Ward & Hughes
  2. Ward & Nixon

In Cornwall

Callington, St Mary
  1. s7. South aisle 2, , three lights, Sermon on the Mount
Camborne, St Martin and St Meriadocus
  1. South aisle (outer) east, , five lights, Christ in Majesty with four scroll-bearing angels above five Corporal Acts of Mercy:
    a. I was sick, and ye visited me
    b. I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat
    c. I was a stranger, and ye took me in
    d. I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink
    e. Naked, and ye clothed me
    At the bottom of each light is the text of the Act of Mercy.
  2. s6. South aisle 1, , three lights, SS Peter : Andrew : James the Major
    a. St Peter
    b. St Andrew
    c. St James the Great
Cubert, St Cubert
  1. North transept north, , two lights, Good Shepherd : Good Samaritan
  2. Chancel north, , two lights, Christ and Mary Magdalene in the garden
Falmouth, St Mary Immaculate
  1. Lady Chapel north, [unknown date], single light, Raising of Lazarus
  2. Lady Chapel east, [unknown date], single light, Death of St Joseph with Christ and BVM in attendance.
  3. e1. Chancel east, , nine lights, Nine events of the paschal mystery:
    1. Entry into Jerusalem
    2. Last Supper
    3. Agony
    4. Christ and BVM on way to Calvary
    5. Crucifixion
    6. Deposition
    7. Resurrection
    8. Ascension
    9. Pentecost
  4. South transept south 1, , two lights, Visitation : Birth of Christ : Presentation : Wedding at Cana
  5. South transept south 2, , two lights, Risen Christ with BVM : Assumption of BVM : Crucifixion : Christ and Martha.
Gulval, St Gulval
  1. e1. Chancel east, , two lights,
    1. Left-hand light: Christ and the woman with the issue of blood, illustrating Faith: And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace (Mark 5:34).
    2. Right-hand light: Good Samaritan, illustrating Charity.
  2. s8. South aisle 3, , single light, Christ and woman of Samaria
  3. n6. North aisle 1, , two lights, Christ sending forth Disciples , Matthew 28,19 : Peter and John Healing a cripple , Acts 3,3-6
Hayle, St Elwyn
  1. e1. Chancel east, , six lights, Left - Crucifixion. Right - Ascension.
Illogan, St Illogan
  1. e1. Chancel east, , four lights, “Stained and diapered glass with appropriate scriptural texts”
Liskeard, St Martin
  1. Lady Chapel east, , four lights,
    a. St Peter
    bc. The angel addresses the holy women at the empty tomb
    d. St John the Evangelist
  2. n8. North aisle 3, , four lights,
    2a, 2b. Martha meets Christ at the gate of Bethany 2c, 2d. Christ’s answer to Martha
    1a. Angel holding scroll 1b. Angel holding scroll 1c. Angel holding scroll 1d. Angel holding scroll
East Looe, St Mary
  1. Nave south, , three lights, Good Shepherd : Suffer Little Children
  2. North aisle (circular window), , single light
Perranzabuloe, St Piran
  1. e1. Chancel east, , four lights,
    ab. Suffer little children
    cd. Christ raises Jairus’ daughter
St Buryan, St Buriana
  1. Southeast, , four lights, Christ’s charge to Peter
  2. s6. South aisle 1, , three lights,
    ac. All sorts and conditions of men (Prayer, Book of Common Prayer, ) (orphans, blind, homeless, mother and child) with six others (three racially specific - oriental, coloured, native American).
    b. Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden (Matthew 11:28).
  3. s8. South aisle 3, , three lights, Ascension
St Hilary, St Hilary
  1. e1. Chancel east, , five lights, Annunciation to shepherds above Nativity : Christ in majesty above St Hilary : Baptism of Christ
St Tudy, St Tudius
  1. e1. Chancel east, , four lights, Noli me tangere : Angel and three Marys at the Tomb
Stratton, St Andrew
  1. Chancel south, [unknown date], three lights, Scene of Christ with Mary Magdalene at His feet and the oppressed
  2. South Chapel south, [unknown date], three lights, Plain glass
  3. s6. South aisle 1, [unknown date], three lights, Plain glass
  4. s7. South aisle 2, [unknown date], three lights, Christ with Martha and Mary
  5. Chancel north, [unknown date], two lights, Good Shepherd : Suffer little children
  6. s8. South aisle 3, , three lights, Baptism of Christ : Ascension : Wedding at Cana

Outside Cornwall

These are mostly windows that have some connection with Cornwall; it is not intended to be a complete list.

Tavistock, St Eustachius
  1. Tower west, , four lights,
    a, b. The angel addresses the holy women at the empty tomb
    c, d. Noli me tangere
Widecombe in the Moor, St Pancras
  1. e1. Chancel east, , four lights, Four scenes from the Crucifixion:
    1. Bearing the cross
    2. Crucifixion
    3. Deposition
    4. Blessed Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene