Windows made by Beer

This includes windows by

  1. Beer & Driffield
  2. Beer, Robert of Exeter
  3. Beer of Exeter
  4. Beer, E and S, of Exeter

In Cornwall

Baldhu, St Michael
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, Patterned diaper (rose and fleur-de-lys) with coloured borders.
Boyton, Holy Name
  1. e1. Chancel east, , three lights,
    a, c. Roundels with medley of medieval fragments
    b. Crucifixion with Mary and John on either side of the cross
Cardinham, St Meubred
  1. Chancel north 2, , two lights, Clothing the naked, visiting the sick
Charlestown, St Paul
  1. Chancel south 1, , single light, Dove of the Holy Spirit set in decorative grisaille patterns with borders (D).
  2. Chancel south 2, , single light, IHS symbol inside interlocked triangles in decorative grisaille patterns with borders (D).
  3. Chancel north, , single light, Agnus Dei set in decorative grisaille patterns with borders (D).
Feock, St Feoca
  1. North transept west, , three lights, Decorative crown and coloured borders.
  2. Chancel east,
  3. South aisle east, , three lights, Four roundels of portraits of the evangelists with one of Moses in the central light, set in geometric and grisaille patterns.
Kenwyn, St Keyne or St Cuby
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, The three disciples who witnessed the Transfiguration:
    a. St Peter
    b. St John the Evangelist
    c. St James the Great
  2. South Chapel east, , three lights, Plain diaper pattern
Marhamchurch, St Marwenna
  1. North aisle 4, , three lights, SS Peter : BVM : Andrew.
Probus, St Probus and St Grace
  1. South aisle west, , three lights, Red cross on white shield in centre on decorative panels.
  2. South aisle 4, , three lights, Two of the Beatitudes on decorative panels; in the centre the dove of the Holy Spririt
St Breward, St Brueredus
  1. Chancel east, , three lights, Christ’s commission to Peter: “Feed my sheep”
St Stephen-by-Launceston, St Stephen
  1. North Chapel north, , four lights, SS Stephen : Paul : Andrew : Peter
Truro, Private residence 1
  1. Stairs, [unknown date], single light, Five roundels of birds (finches?) set in coloured panels

Outside Cornwall

These are mostly windows that have some connection with Cornwall; it is not intended to be a complete list.

Ashburton, St Andrew
  1. North aisle, , four lights,
    1. St Andrew with saltire,
    2. St Bartholomew with flaying knife and book,
    3. St Thomas with carpenter’s set-square,
    4. St Lawrence in chasuble with gridiron