Christ stilling the waves


  1. 1882. Fouracre & Watson. Mylor, St Melorus, Chancel north. Left-hand predella. Christ stilling the waves..
  2. 1884. Fouracre & Watson. Grampound, St Nun, Nave south 1. b. Christ stilling the waves.

Comparison images

Mylor, Chancel north, left-hand predella: Christ stills the waves. Grampound, Nave south 1, right-hand light: Christ stills the waves.
  1. Mylor, St Melorus
  2. Grampound, St Nun


  1. The seated figures have been packed more closely (and one has been omitted altogether) in the Grampound light, because of the narrower aspect ratio compared with the Mylor predella.
  2. In the Grampound version, the face of the disciple immediately below Christ’s right hand appears to have been replaced with a photographic likeness, probably of the dedicatee, Charles Jackson.