Draynes, St Agatha

Notes on the church

  1. ‘Iron’ mission church to St Neot, donated by Revd GE Hermon of Doublebois House, curate of St Neot, opened : Royal Cornwall Gazette p 6, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 4.
  2. Anniversary of the opening held on Sunday and Monday Western Morning News p 6 “Anniversary” not consistent with opening in February 1887!
  3. Descriptions of the stained glass: Western Morning News p 3 and Royal Cornwall Gazette p 3.
  4. From an editorial on the insertion of the stained glass:
    Putting away all prejudice about superstition and all unworthy fears of priestcraft in the bad sense of the word, we believe clergy would do well to make their churches and services warm and bright with colour. Poor people love it. It lifts them out of unlovely surroundings. It helps them in reverence, and it seems to us that abuses are no more likely to creep in there than in the awful formality and deadness of many low and slow churches. Spirituality and beauty go hand in hand.
    Church in the West, .
  5. Kelly’s Directory of Cornwall p 1209. St Agatha’s was built in , not .
  6. Moved to St Cleer as reading room by Kelly’s Directory of Cornwall p 69.
  7. Kelly’s Directory of Cornwall p 229.

The windows are listed starting from liturgical east and going round clockwise, looking down on the building from above. Insertion dates are given when a window has been replaced.