St Neot, St Anietus

Historic England grade I, list entry 1329212.


Location map.

GPS coordinates: (50.482393, -4.558192)

Notes on the church

  1. Gorham, George Cornelius. The History and Antiquities of Eynesbury and St. Neot’s, in Huntingdonshre, and of St. Neot’s in the County of Cornwall p 20, , London, Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor and Jones.
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  3. Grylls, Revd Henry. Descriptive Sketch of the Windows of St. Neot Church, p 4. , Truro, Heard
  4. The location numbering scheme used by Gilbert and Grylls starts from North aisle west and goes clockwise round the church:
    I n8 North aisle west
    II n7 North aisle 4
    III n6 North aisle 3
    IV n5 North aisle 2
    V n4 North aisle 1
    VI n3 North Chapel north 1
    VII n2 North Chapel east
    VIII e1 Chancel east
    IX s2 South Chapel east
    X s3 South Chapel south 1
    XI s4 South Chapel south 2
    XII s5 South aisle 1
    XIII s6 South aisle 2
    XIV s7 South aisle 3
    XV s8 South aisle 4
    XVI s9 South aisle west
    Some of the main lights are no longer in the locations reported by Gilbert and Grylls in and respectively. The Redemption window is numbered XIV, which implies s7, but its main lights are now in n3. The Acts window is numbered XV, which implies s8, but its main lights are now in n2. The Callawy window is numbered VI, which implies n3, but its main lights are now in s7. The Tubbe and Callawy window is numbered VII, which implies n2, but its main lights are now in s8.
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  8. Restoration - £500
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  10. Reopened after restoration, architect GH Fellowes Prynne, Cornish Times p 4, Royal Cornwall Gazette p 6, West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser p 3.
  11. Restoration 1889 (TDC 1890 14/11/89 £825)
  12. Visit by RIC Royal Cornwall Gazette p 5.
  13. A full account of the medieval glazing of St Neot is to be found in Joanna Mattingly, ‘Stories in the glass—Reconstruction of the St Neot Pre-Reformation Glazing Scheme,’ Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, , pp 9–55, and Joanna Mattingly with Allen Buckley and John Hall, ‘“A Tin Miner and a Bal Maiden”—Further research on the St Neot windows,’ Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, , pp 96–100.

The windows are listed starting from liturgical east and going round clockwise, looking down on the building from above. Insertion dates are given when a window has been replaced.