Edward Benson and Truro Cathedral in stained glass in Cornwall

Edward Benson

Kilkhampton, St James the Great
  1. South aisle west, , two lights,
    2a. Angel holding arms of the Revd Lord John Thynne 2b. Angel holding arms of Edward Benson as Archbishop of Canterbury
    1a. Revd Lord John Thynne 1b. Edward Benson vested as Archbishop of Canterbury
Landulph, St Leonard and St Dilpe
  1. South Chapel east, , three lights,
    2a. Edward Benson, first bishop of Truro 2b. George Wilkinson, second bishop of Truro 2c. John Gott, third bishop of Truro
    1a. The Parable of the Sower 1b. The Ark of the Covenant arrives in Beth-Shemesh 1c. Ruth in the field of Boaz
Newlyn, St Peter
  1. West, , four lights,
    2a. Henry Philpotts [recte Phillpotts], Bishop of Exeter 2b. William [recte Edward] White Benson first Bishop of Truro then Archbishop of Canterbury 2c. Frederick Temple, Bishop of Exeter then Archbishop of Canterbury 2d. Revd Frederick Field-Richards
    1a. Arms of Diocese of Exeter 1b. Arms of Archdiocese of Canterbury 1c. Arms of Diocese of London 1d. Unidentified symbol / arms
    (FH) . William White Benson and Philpotts in inscriptions!
Par Green, Church of the Good Shepherd
  1. Chancel east, , five lights,
    3b. EH Sedding presenting church plan to Bishop Gott 3c. Christ enthroned 3d. Archbishop Benson
    2a. Revd GR Prynne celebrating mass 2b. Laying of Foundation Stone 2c. Christ as the Good Shepherd 2d. Bishop Benson and Truro Cathedral 2e. Canterbury choir
    1a. Bishop Walter Frere 1b. Arms of Diocese of Truro 1c. Christ’s commission to Peter: “Feed my sheep” 1d. Arms of Diocese of Canterbury 1e. The Boy Bishop
    interspersed with Evangelists’ symbols, Dove of the Holy Spirit, Agnus Dei, monograms and other symbols
St Erth, St Ercus
  1. South Chapel south, , three lights,
    a. St Conan
    b. St Erth
    c. Archbishop Benson
South Hill, St Sampson
  1. North transept north (Manaton Chapel), , three lights,
    2a. Archbishop Temple 2b. St Sam(p)son of Dol St Sampson 2c. Archbishop Benson
    1a. The Parable of the Sower 1b. The Ark of the Covenant arrives in Beth-Shemesh 1c. Ruth in the field of Boaz
Truro, Cathedral Church of St Mary
  1. n33. North nave aisle 12, , single light,
    2 upper. Archbishop Benson
    2 lower. Faith, Hope
    1. Prince of Wales laying foundation stone of Truro Cathedral,

Truro Cathedral

The Benson windows at Landulph, Par Green, St Erth, South Hill and Truro Cathedral listed above also contain depictions of Truro Cathedral. The Cathedral is usually shown with its western towers, which were not completed until after Benson’s death.

St Merryn, St Merryn
  1. Chancel east, , four lights, Illustration of the Te Deum Laudamus.
    3a. The archangels Uriel and Michael 3b. Virgin Mary and infant Jesus 3c. Christ as Salvator Mundi. Alpha (Α) and Omega (Ω) symbols of God the Father 3d. The archangels Gabriel and Raphael
    2b. Crucifixion 2c. Resurrection: Christ arises from the grave
    1a. The apostles Peter, John the Evangelist and Paul. Truro Cathedral. 1b. The prophets Malachi, John the Baptist and Isaiah 1c. The martyrs Agnes, Stephen and Alban. 1d. The saints Merryn, Francis of Assisi and Nicholas.